Monday, October 09, 2006

Suspicious Activity?

No. Well, maybe. David King, The Bad Plus drummer, thought the phrase, often inserted in the middle of the airport advisory "please report (insert here) to authorities", an apt title for the band's latest release.

"Dr. Jazz" at The Jazz Clinic thought this composite from a show I shot in 2004 an apt image to insert in his blog entry Two Trios. Oddly, he didn't have much to say about the band's performance. The picture speaks for itself. The "Dr." also didn't mention who took the picture he published in his entry, so I'm taking care of that here.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a hot topic these days, though photography is rarely part of the discussion. There are a number of blogs discussing the pros and cons of the technology. The most nefarious scheme I've heard of was created by Sony BMG. They imbedded a DRM application in some CD's, including (ironically) TBP's Suspicious Activity? that used malware techniques to install and cloak itself in PC system software, sometimes resulting in system crashes and data loss. Mark Russinovich of SystemInternals helped break the story and expose Sony last year. The Bad Plus, to their credit, are good guys and had no prior knowledge of Sony's foul play.

Image © Bruce C Moore


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