Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Down to Earth

Dylan Carlson is a craftsman, a musician, an innovator, and a seeker. And he's a nice man. Over the last four years, through our tangential crafts and shared love of music, he has become my friend.

Dylan is the core of Earth - a founder and, to this day, the only constant member. He and his evolving ensemble established a genre of music cognescenti refer to as "drone metal" or "doom metal". I prefer seemingly oxymoronic phrases such as "aggressive ambient," or "dense minimalism" because they hint at the tension and resolution a listener experiences when giving in to the music.

This image is one of a series I shot at the old 4th Ave location of Seattle's Vera Project. Dylan is free to use them any way and any where. So, I was happy to stumble upon it on Discogs, an open source, user-built database containing information on artists and their recordings.

Image © Bruce C Moore


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