Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hey, I took that!

I photograph musicians in performance. Capturing an artist "in the moment" is my goal. Sharing those moments with others, showing folks what I saw, is my purpose.

Sometimes these images get lost out here. Folks borrow them, because they like them, and because they want to share them within the context of their own offering. People see these captured moments, but I've lost my connection.

Sometimes I find them. I found Mose this morning, in Lisaville. Looking at his image, and reading the bloggers post, I could imagine her experience, watching him, in the moment, from near the stage. It took me back to my own moment - the moment I took the picture. Made me want to write a song. Maybe still will.

But first, I decided to start a blog featuring all the moments I've captured, then lost to the sphere, and found again. And while I'm at it, here's more Mose Allison: pictures | my post on Belltown Bent, the view from the NW corner of downtown Seattle.

Image © Bruce C Moore


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