Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Public Radio, not public domain

Public radio keeps jazz on the air. I love them for that. Stations like KPLU and KCSM have filled my life with music rarely heard on commercial airwaves. And now they are available to anyone with a computer and bandwidth. We should support them.

Richard Bona's melliferous bass and angelic voice first drifted into my consciousness on public radio ether. Now, at least one of his CD's is always in "A" rotation in my home. And, he has become one of my favorite photo subjects. The camera just loves him.

Just as music can go anywhere on the Internet, so can images. This picture of Richard, from his 2004 show at Jazz Alley, showed up, anonymously, on a site for KJAZ FM 98.1 in Bermuda (not San Francisco's much love KJAZ 92.7 which went off the air in 1994).

No doubt the DJs in Bermuda back-announce the names of the artists they play. Now, if they'd just share some love with photographers.

Image © Bruce C Moore


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Your stuff is everywhere. Kinda cool but not too cool.

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