Saturday, August 26, 2006

Contributing to the cause

Most photographers are willing to contribute image usage to a good cause - if they are asked. They understand the power of imagery, and look for opportunities to include their work in efforts aligned with their values.

"Passport to the World" appeals to me, even though I didn't know about it. Last year, Lonely Planet hosted musical events featuring a variety of musicians from around the world. This article by Randy Ray on Jambase explains how the concerts are meant to encourage people to get passports and see the world for themselves, experience people and cultures first-hand, and gain a more informed view of our global community.

Karsh Kale, whose picture I took when he performed at Bumbershoot in Seattle, spoke about his participation in last year's three city tour. "For me personally, having the opportunity to travel so much over the past few years, you tend to start feeling like a citizen of the world. You tend to connect - you start to erase borders in your own mind, and that's really healthy for this particular generation."

Perhaps images travel a similar path, becoming "citizens" of the world-wide-web, as they cross the borders of copyright and licensing, and become part of another artist/writer/publisher's stream. I don't know. As a photographer, I still want to be aware of an image's path, to feel good about where it has been, to say "sure, please use my picture."

Image © Bruce C Moore


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